How to Fold a Table Napkin

Updated April 17, 2017

When you are the host for a formal dinner party, it is important to make sure that you pay attention to the little details. Folding a napkin properly can be the perfect accent to go along with a beautiful dining experience. Although it has become fashionable to do origami and make all kinds of special designs, you can never go wrong when you fold a classic table napkin.

Open up your square-shaped dinner napkin and smooth it out on the table.

Fold the napkin diagonally to form a triangle. Smooth your napkin out.

Fold the top of your triangle down toward the middle of the napkin. Flip the napkin around, so the straight line at the top of the napkin is longer than the straight line on the bottom.

Fold one tip of the napkin downward.

Fold the other side of the napkin downward. The shape of the napkin should look like two smaller triangles facing each other.

Fold each tip of the dinner napkin under to make an even smaller triangle.

Fold the two sides of your napkins backward, and set on top of your serving plate to create the perfect classic napkin look.


You should use thick material for your dinner napkins, preferably 24-inch cotton napkins.

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