How to decorate a floor stand candelabra for a wedding

Floor-standing candelabras are often used in wedding decorations. These tall, pillar-like candle holders allow for dramatic height effect and enhance the opportunities for photo backdrops. Usually floor-standing wedding candelabras are decorated with flowers that complement the colour scheme of the bridal party as well as with long, draping ribbons or even beads.

Place ivy along the cross bars of the candelabra and wire them to the cross bars using floral wire. Wind ivy around the bouquet area. Generally most floor candelabras that are used for weddings have a central spray spot that is designed to accommodate a spray of flowers.

Position your bouquet or spray in the centre of the spray mounting area. If your candelabra doesn't have a specific spot, then you'll want to position the bouquet where the arms come together.

Orient your candelabra to face in one direction if you intend to use it as a backdrop. If it will be visible from all sides you may need to use two bouquets, one for each side of the candelabra. Wire and tape the bouquet into place.

Insert crystal bead drops if you are incorporating the bead curtain effect. Use clear beads or cut crystals in varying lengths and attach them by wire to the ivy areas or to the arms of the candelabra.

Wrap or wind ribbons to match the theme colours of your wedding among the ivy and around the bouquets to unify the entire presentation. Tie your ribbons off into bows and allow the tails to trail two-thirds of the length of the candelabra. For live or open flame candelabras make sure that flames or hot wax will not create a fire hazard when lit.


If your candelabra is simple in design, you can add more to it with flowers and ribbon. If your candelabra is elaborate, less is often more so use a skilled eye to edit your design based on the type you are using.


Fast burning candles sometimes drip wax on altar rugs, flooring or fabrics and may create an unexpected expense from the church or ceremonial facility. Always provide handy fire extinguishers if open flames are being used. Check with venues for candle policies.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor candelabra
  • Ivy
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Bouquet
  • Floral tape
  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
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