How to Activate the Scroll Lock on an HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop

Updated March 23, 2017

On a lot of laptops, the "Scroll Lock" button must be used in conjunction with the "Function" key. This is not true with the HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop. The HP Pavillion has a few unique functions like the "Scroll Lock" that doesn't require the "Function" key, but it also has touch controls above the keyboard. Once you learn how to turn the "Scroll Lock" off and on, you'll be able to use it in applicable programs.

Open and power on the laptop.

Wait for the laptop to fully boot.

Locate the "Scroll" button at the top-left of the keyboard. It is under the volume panel and between the "F12" and "Pause" keys.

Press the "Scroll" button.

Test it by opening a spreadsheet and using the arrow keys to move around on it. You can open your Microsoft Excel program or create a spreadsheet online by using Google Docs (free online productivity software). The "Scroll Lock" function will keep the current cell selected while the screen moves.

Press "Scroll Lock" again to turn it off.

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