How to dye sofa covers

Changing the look of your home doesn't have to involve buying a lorry load of new furniture. You can easily dye your sofa and seat covers to change their appearances. This saves money and lets you experiment with new craft projects. Knowing how to dye a sofa cover doesn't take much time and you'll find the materials you need at department stores or stashed in your kitchen cupboards.

Fill the bucket halfway with boiling water.

Stir in the salt and packet of fabric dye. Choose a colour that is darker than the current colour of your sofa cover. The salt adheres to the dye in the liquid and allows it to sink into fabrics evenly.

Stuff the sofa cover into the bucket containing the dye solution. Use the stick to stir it around in the dye solution. Do this for about five minutes.

Empty the dye water from the bucket, either outside or down a stainless steel sink. Take the bucket containing the sofa cover outdoors and use a hose to rinse it thoroughly. It make take up to 30 minutes to rinse the sofa cover adequately. The water that runs from the cover must be clear. If it is cloudy, containing dye, it isn't rinsed properly.

Wash and dry the sofa cover alone in your washing machine and dryer on a delicate cycle.

Things You'll Need

  • 22 litre bucket
  • 60 g packet of fabric dye
  • 30 g table salt
  • Sofa cover
  • Long stick
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