How to Reset a Saab 9-5 Remote Door Lock

Updated February 21, 2017

Saab remotes are used to lock and unlock your car doors wirelessly, and can even be used to pop your boot and sound your panic alarm. These handheld remotes can be placed on your keychain and you can program them yourself from within your car. The programming sequence can be done in just minutes with just your ignition key and the remote that you are trying to program.

Enter the driver's seat of your Saab, and insert your ignition key into the car's ignition. Be sure to have your lock remote on you as well.

Pull the multifunction lever on the dashboard towards you, and hold it in that position.

Cycle the key in the ignition to "On" and then back to "Off" twice, and release the multifunction lever. Wait for the door locks to cycle or click automatically.

Press the lock button on each remote you would like to reset within 30 seconds. Wait for the locks to click after each remote to indicate that they were reset and programmed successfully.

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