How to Change Ford Temperature to Metric

Written by ashley hay | 13/05/2017

Many Ford vehicles offer a digital readout for the temperature inside and outside of the vehicle, and the distance you have remaining before you must refuel and your total distance travelled. If you prefer the Metric system over the English system you may change it by adjusting your vehicles settings. Changing the settings only takes a few minutes.

Locate the "Setup" button between "Info" and "Reset" in the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is usually located above the radio.

Press the "Setup" button until the screen reads "Units."

Press the "Reset" button to change all of the readout settings on your Ford from English to Metric. Once you press the "Reset" button you will notice the readouts for the mileage, refuel warning and temperature have changed. The setting will remain Metric unless you follow the above steps and change it to English.

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