How to Transfer Email Addresses to Another Provider

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are switching providers, you can easily transfer your e-mail addresses from one provider to another. Depending on the new provider, it might even be done with the click of a button.

Click the "Import Contacts" button in your new e-mail inbox.

Type in your previous provider e-mail address and password and click "Import."

Wait for your old e-mail addresses to be imported.

Check the website listed in References for a chart that includes the main e-mail switching software and which types of providers to use it for.

Follow the arrow on the chart that points from your old e-mail provider to your new one.

Download the specific e-mail program listed on the chart.

Run the program. You will need to input your e-mail address and password for both your previous e-mail account and the one you are switching to. It will automatically import your messages and e-mail addresses.


If you have a client POP3 e-mail server or a system-based server, the best way to transfer e-mails or contacts from one provider to another is to have your tech person do it for you. They can often transfer your entire e-mail account from one place to another with the click of a few buttons, whereas doing it manually can take some time on your part.

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