How to Make a Template for Linoleum Floor Installation

Updated February 21, 2017

The most efficient way to install a sheet of linoleum flooring is with the use of a custom template of the installation area. A custom template allows you to cut the linoleum to an almost exact fit before applying adhesive and running the risk of an error in your calculations of size and shape. Creating a template is time-consuming work but will save you frustration, time and money when it comes to the actual installation.

Tape a sheet of butcher paper to the floor in one corner of the room. Use 12-inch-wide to 18-inch-wide butcher paper. Lay the paper 1/8 inch away from the walls.

Cut holes in the centre of the paper every 18 inches and secure the paper to the floor through the hole using masking tape.

Lay another sheet of butcher paper next to the first, overlapping the sheets by two inches. Tape the new sheet to the floor using the same method as before and tape it to the adjacent sheet.

Continue laying butcher paper and securing it to the floor and nearby paper. Leave an 1/8-inch gap between the flooring and all walls and other obstacles, except the entry. If you have undercut the door casings, then slide the paper under the cut in the door casing rather than leaving a gap.

Remove the template from the floor when you have completely covered the installation area and use the template to cut the sheet of linoleum to the room's exact specifications.


Be careful not to shuffle your feet when walking on the paper template. Do not wear heavy shoes that may tear the paper. Make each step on the paper carefully and deliberately.

Things You'll Need

  • Butcher paper
  • Masking tape
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