How to Hang Fishtail Swag Curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many different choices for window treatments, and selecting the perfect one for your window can be confusing. Fishtail swag curtains make good window treatments when staying within a budget is top priority. Fabrics for fishtail swag curtains vary greatly and can be found in simple cotton as well as in more expensive fabrics. The hooks for a fishtail swag curtain are also affordable and simple to attach to a window frame. Use fishtail swags to frame a window or as an added piece to an existing window treatment.

Attach curtain hooks to the top corners of the window frame. Hooks are available to match any decor. Elegant hooks and country-style in wrought iron, brass or polished metals are a few choices.

Press the fishtail swag curtain to remove all wrinkles. Lightweight fabrics need a lower heat setting than heavy material. Test the iron setting in a corner and make adjustments to the heat as needed.

Lay the curtain on a large, flat surface. Fold the curtain in an accordion style going the length of the curtain. Attach a pin or clip at the centre of the curtain.

Measure the distance between the curtain hooks. Using the centre marker as a guide, place your hands the distance of the hooks to pick up the curtain.

Drape each top corner of the curtain over the right and left hook. Adjust the curtain until the centre marker is at the middle of the hooks. Remove the centre marker.

Make the necessary adjustments to create a draping look between the hooks. Continue working with the folds of the curtain until there is a graceful flow of fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain hooks
  • Iron
  • Clip
  • Measuring tape
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