How to get numbers from a broken phone if they weren't saved on the SIM

Updated March 23, 2017

Mobile phones have become increasingly popular due to advances in technology. Mobile users often store contact information on their phones. When a mobile phone is lost, stolen, broken or the numbers are accidentally deleted, users are left without important contact information. There are several ways to retrieve this data without the use of a SIM card and ways to protect valuable information for the future.

Log in to your mobile account through your network provider's website. Access the backup service, if your network provides this feature. Backup programs, such as the O2 Bluebook service, automatically save contact information that is on your mobile phone. They allow users to access contacts as well as, print, add, delete or edit contacts online. Some networks charge for this service while others offer it free to those on monthly contracts.

Sync a new phone with your computer, if you have previously performed a backup on your old phone. Most smartphones and the iPhone come with a USB cable, which allows the user to sync, or backup, the data on the phone. Contacts, music, calendar entries, and more are available for retrieval at any time, by syncing the phone to the computer. If you have previously preformed a sync with your now broken phone, you can connect the new phone to your computer in order to download all of the saved information. However, if you have saved additional contacts since the last sync, those phone numbers will not be available. For example, if your last sync was three weeks ago, any number added since that time will not be on the computer for download to the new phone.

Visit a local mobile phone shop or market stall and ask them to transfer the contents onto a new phone. The contents can be transferred by connecting the phones to the computer system. In some instances, such as extensive water damage, the retailer may not be able to complete this process. The process only takes a few minutes and is usually free of charge. However, there may be a small fee applied if you purchased your new phone from a third-party such as eBay or a friend.


Perform syncs at least every other week and more often if you add contacts frequently.

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