How to Dry Out a Cell Phone After It Has Been Through the Washing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the worst things that could happen to your cell phone is for it to get wet. If it has been fully immersed in water, like in a washing machine, the problem can be even worse. The best thing you can possibly do for your phone once this has happened is to dry it out quickly. You will need to know how to swiftly and properly dry the phone out to have any chance of it functioning again.

Remove your phone from the water immediately and take the battery out.

Lay both the phone and battery onto a dry towel. Blot the entire phone and battery with a towel to remove moisture from the outside of the phone.

Place the phone and battery into a bowl of dry rice. The rice will pull moisture from the inside of the phone. Let it sit in the rice for three to four hours before removing it.

Replace the battery, and power on your phone. If the phone does not work properly, you may need to replace it.


Even once you have fully dried your phone out, the warranty is voided because of the moisture indication sticker that is located behind your battery. There are no guarantees that this process will render your phone functional again, but it is your best choice.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel
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