How to Enhance & Care for Grey Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Gray can be as fabulous as any other hair colour. The key is to care for grey hair properly. For the most part, grey hair care will involve most of the same things that caring for other hair colours does. As we age, our skin requires additional moisturising, and so does our hair. Look for products specially formulated for grey hair. There is no need to head for that bottle of dye. Wear your hair with pride, and age gracefully at the same time.

Choose a cut that accentuates the colouring of your hair and suits your face shape. For most grey-haired women, a classic style like the bob is a sleek, sophisticated option. For men, the stereotype that grey-haired gentlemen are distinguished seems to hold true with any style. Whether you are a man or woman, the best grey hair styles are up to date and trimmed regularly.

Keep your grey hair in top condition. Add extra moisture by conditioning each time you shampoo, and add a deep conditioning treatment once every couple of weeks. As we age, our skin needs more moisture, and so does our hair.

Use a purifying shampoo once a month help to remove build up. Grey hair does tend to yellow due to pollutants in the air. You also might consider using shampoo with a blue or silver tone to it. These types of tinted rinses and shampoos have a bad reputation for turning the hair quite blue, but they really only have this effect when overused. Used properly, a grey hair treatment shampoo will subtly counteract any yellow tones and enhance white or grey hair. Always distribute tinted shampoo evenly or your results will be patchy.

Try lowlights to create depth. Your first instinct may be to highlight grey hair, but often lowlights will actually enhance the silver and white hair more subtly and naturally. Consult with a salon professional to get suggestions for the best lowlight tones for your grey hair.


Use hair colour made to “wash” grey hair away with caution. Often, the results will be flat and unnatural looking. Grey hair colour changes are best left to a professional colourist.

Things You'll Need

  • Shampoo specially formulated for grey hair
  • Conditioner specially formulated for grey hair
  • Gray hair anti-yellowing treatment products
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