How to do a spreadsheet on the computer

Updated March 23, 2017

Spreadsheets are a good way to organise numerical data. They are made up of rows and columns, which are divided into cells. There are many different programs that allow users to create spreadsheets on the computer. Some are free, others you have to pay for. Which spreadsheet software is right for you depends on your needs. The more complex the software, the more you can do with the data. Here are four programs that will help you create spreadsheets. Download and install the software as per the instructions on each site. Run the program to create a spreadsheet.

Download and install OpenOffice from (see References below). This is a free software. The spreadsheet application is simply called Spreadsheet. OpenOffice includes text, drawing, and presentation applications. You can choose to install all of them or just the Spreadsheet program. OpenOffice works on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download and install Microsoft Office from You can also purchase MS Office in any computer store. Prices vary depending on the package. You can try it free for 60 days. Its spreadsheet application is called Excel.

Go to to set up an online spreadsheet. Log in with your Google mail (Gmail) account. If you don't an account, you can register for free. Click on Templates and select Spreadsheets from the menu on the left-hand side. Google doc spreadsheets can be shared securely with others, for collaborating in a group.

Open the iWork folder on your Mac and select the Numbers application. iWork is Apple's office productivity suite software. Numbers is the spreadsheet-making program. It may already be installed on your Mac. If not, you can buy it from

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