How to scan a signature for an MS Word lettter

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're working on a mass mailing that requires a signature on each letter, there's no need to sign each one individually. You can put your scanner to work in MS Word. Once you've scanned your signature, you can customise its size and placement. Word will treat the signature as an image, so it's easy to crop any areas you don't need. Now you'll have plenty of time to work on your next project.

Place the signature you want to use on your scanner.

Go to MS Word and open the letter you want the signature to be added to. Place the insertion point at the signature line, where the signature will go.

Click on "Insert," "Picture" and "From Scanner or Camera" from the toolbar. The "Insert Picture from Scanner or Camera" dialogue box will open.

Choose your scanner from the list of devices and click the "Insert" button. Then wait a few seconds for the image to be acquired. Your signature will be inserted into your letter.

Double-click the signature image to change the text wrapping options. The "Format Picture" dialogue box will open. Select the "Layout" tab and click "Tight" from the options. Then press "OK."


You can crop your signature or resize it to fit within your letter better. To crop the signature, right-click on the image and select "Show Picture Toolbar." Then select the "Crop" button from the "Picture" toolbar and pull in the areas of the signature that you want to crop. To resize the signature, grab any corner with your mouse, then pull it inward.

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