How to Get a Date Stamp on a Canon PowerShot Camera

Updated February 21, 2017

Some photographers like to include a date and time stamp on their pictures to help them remember when the shot was taken. Many digital cameras embed a date and time stamp when a picture is saved, but do not make it visible on the photograph. Canon PowerShot cameras allow users to make the stamp visible on the photograph, though the option is only available when taking pictures in "Postcard" mode.

Press the "Menu" button on the camera and use the right navigation button to choose the "Set Up" menu.

Scroll down to "Date/Time" and press the ""Func./Set" button. The set date and time will appear on the screen, and the month unit will flash.

Adjust the month unit by pressing the up or down navigation buttons. Move to the day unit by pressing the right navigation button. Use the same instructions to adjust each unit of the date and time.

Push the "Func./Set" button to save the time and date settings.

Press the "Func./Set" button and select "Recording Pixels" and "Postcard". The camera is now set to "Postcard" mode.

Open the "Rec." menu by pressing the "Menu" button on the back of the camera.

Highlight "Date Stamp" by pressing the down navigation button.

Change the "Date Stamp" setting by pressing the right or left navigation button. Your choices are "Off", "Date" or "Date/Time". Now, when you take photographs the date or the date and time will appear on the picture.


The "Date Stamp" option appears in the "Rec." menu when the camera is in other shooting modes. You cannot, however, change the setting.

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