How to Troubleshoot the Standby Indicator Flashing on a Sony TV

Updated February 21, 2017

When you turn on your Sony television there is a small indicator light that flashes briefly. However, if that light continues to flash there may be a problem with your TV. Luckily, it is fairly simple to troubleshoot a blinking indicator light.

Power on the Sony television. The indicator light is going to flash several seconds before the image appears on the screen. When this happens it just means the television is loading.

Wait for the image to appear. Depending on what model of Sony television you have the wait time for the image can be up to 14 seconds.

Check all connections if the light continues to blink but no image appears. Ensure all cables are connected properly into the back of the television. If all the cables are properly connected, there is some sort of problem with the television.

Power off the television. Wait a few minutes, then power it back on. If this does not correct the issue leave the power on, point your remote control towards the Sony television and hold the down arrow button. While holding the down arrow button press the "Power" button. Release the down arrow button and the Sony TV will reset itself to factory settings. Once the television performs a scan on itself your problem should be gone.

Contact Sony if the problem persists.

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