How to Format a DVD Blank Disc

Updated March 23, 2017

Formatting is a necessary step that aims to prepare any disc, including DVDs, for data storage. DVDs use a special Universal Disc Format (UDF) to achieve comparability across different platforms. When a DVD is formatted you can simply drag files to the disk to automatically burn them. Windows Vista or later versions provide a built-in support for DVDs that offers multiple formatting options.

Insert a blank DVD into the computer DVD burner.

Log into your Windows Vista/7 user account.

Click on the Windows "Start" button in the left corner of the screen.

Click on "Computer" display icons representing discs on your computer.

Double-click to the DVD disc icon get to the small window "Prepare this blank disc."

Click on "Show formatting options."

Select the radiobutton "Live File System" or "Mastered" to choose a desired formatting option. Live File System creates a DVD that is similar to a flash drive allowing you to add files to DVD at any time (in multisession mode). The "Mastered" option creates a DVD that allows you to burn all files to DVD at once.

Click "Next" to start the disc format. Allow two to four minutes for the process to be completed.

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