How to make metal wind spinners

Updated February 21, 2017

Wind spinners add a touch of whimsy and colour to any outdoor space. Wind spinners were initially used by farmers to alert them of changing weather. Today, wind spinners are attractive features for gardens and patios. You can make your own decorative metal wind spinner with thin copper foil separated by colourful beads. Look for rolls of .005 mil copper foil in craft stores and from online retailers.

Cut 12 strips of 1/2-inch wide by 10-inch long copper foil. This lightweight material cuts and bends easily with sharp household shears. If you like, use decorative shears to create a pattern along the sides of the copper strips.

Make a mark in the centre of each strip, 1/4 inch from both ends. Puncture holes with the awl over each mark.

Cut a 14-inch strip of 18-gauge craft wire. Thread one end of one copper foil strip over one end of the wire. Slide the copper foil strip 5 inches from the end of the wire.

Thread a pony bead over the same end of the wire until it stops at the copper foil strip. Pony beads have large openings and will fit easily over thick 18-gauge wire. You can use any kind of beads that you like, just make sure that the openings are large enough to fit over the wire.

Thread another copper foil strip over the same end of the wire to stop at the bead. Repeat this pattern until all of the copper foil strips have been threaded. Beads should separate each of the strips.

Bend the end of the wire closest to the copper foil strips into a loop using round-nose pliers.

Bend the first copper foil strip that you threaded onto the wire so that the hole at the open end fits over the opposite end of the wire. Slide the end of the copper strip 5 inches down the wire.

Thread a bead over the wire. Pick up the second copper foil strip that you added to the wire. Bend it so you can thread the open hole over the wire to the bead. Continue to thread the copper foil strips over the wire in the same order as they were initially added. Remember to separate each copper strip with a bead. Make a loop in the end of the wire when all of the copper strips have been added.

Arrange the copper strips around the wire in a spiral formation. Hang the metal wind spinner from the loop on either end of the wire.

Things You'll Need

  • .005 mil copper foil
  • Measuring tape
  • Household shears
  • Marker
  • Awl
  • 18-gauge copper wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pony beads
  • Round-nose pliers
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