How to word wedding acceptance cards

Updated February 21, 2017

The wedding response card is key in your planning because it provides the headcount and the meal preference of your guests. Using clear wording on the wedding acceptance card is vital. You can either order the cards from a printing company, or make your own at home using your computer and printer. If you are sending your invitations to a professional company, you can provide an outline of the invitation to represent how you want the card to be laid out.

Purchase vellum paper or a wedding invitation kit from a craft store or online if you are planning on making your own cards at home. The type of paper you purchase for your wedding invitations will represent the formality of your event, and should be a higher quality paper in a light neutral colour, or in a colour or pattern that matches your theme.

Type the letter "M" followed by a long line about an inch from the top margin. The M stands for the first letter in "Miss," "Ms," "Mrs.," or Mr." Alternately, you can write "Name" here. On the next line, write "Will Attend," or "Will Not Attend," with a line next to each for the guest to fill in.

Type the meal options with a line next to them so the guest can select their preferred entrée. Add a simple line that reads, "Please write your name next to the meal of your choice."

Add an RSVP date beneath the entrée options. Write "Respond by," filling in the date with the deadline you require. Generally, you should ask for the cards to be returned about 3 to 4 weeks before the date of the wedding, as some response cards will be turned in late.


If you would like to give the guests details about each meal choice, include a separate sheet of paper with the descriptions of each entrée. Let the insert be loose in the invitation, or attach it to the back or inside of the response card. In case someone forgets to write his or her name on the card, write a small number in the back corner of the response card and coordinate that number with the person's name on your guest list. That way, if the card comes back without a name, but has the number 15 on it, you will know that it is uncle Bill and he just forgot to write his name.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Computer
  • Printer


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