How to Vacuum Seal Cookies

Updated November 21, 2016

Vacuum sealing will keep cookies fresh longer than storing them in a cookie jar or an opened package. According to FoodSaver, the shelf life of vacuum sealed cookies is three to six weeks, while cookies exposed to air usually become stale within one to two weeks. This time difference is important if you are sending cookies in the mail as cookies packaged with a vacuum sealer have a greater chance of arriving at their destination fresh and delicious.

Let the cookies cool completely before vacuum sealing if they are freshly baked. Warm or hot cookies may create steam inside the vacuum sealer bag and make the cookies soggy or mushy.

Select a bag in which to seal your cookies. Some vacuum sealers allow you to use any type of plastic bag while others require that you use bags designed to work with your specific brand of sealer.

Place a single layer of cookies into a bag suitable for your vacuum sealer. If you are packaging firm and thin cookies, you may be able to stack the cookies in a double layer. Do not fill the bag completely full or you may crush cookies when you begin to vacuum seal. FoodSaver recommends leaving at least three inches between the cookies and the top of the bag.

Insert the open edge of the bag into the vacuum sealer. Press the seal button, if necessary, to begin the vacuum sealing process. Do not remove the bag from the vacuum sealer until the machine is quiet.


Soft or delicate cookies may be crushed in the vacuum sealing process. Firm or dense cookies are better choices for this type of packaging.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum sealer bag
  • Vacuum sealer
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