How to Fix an Xbox 360 Controller Joystick

An XBOX controller is a necessity for gamers and this controller contains an analogue stick, also known as a joystick. When you purchase a new XBOX 360, your system comes with at least one controller, and when the joystick on that one breaks or stops working, you'll probably feel annoyed and even angry. With a new joystick it's easy to fix an XBOX 360 controller joystick.

Remove all seven screws that hold the controller together with a small screwdriver. When you turn the controller over, you'll notice six screws, but there's another one inside the battery pack. Remove the battery pack and feel around to find the screw underneath the UPC bar code. Then pull apart the case to reveal the inside.

Locate the joystick and determine which one is loose, broken or damaged. The XBOX 360 controller contains two different joysticks: one on the left side, directly above the directional pad and another on the right-hand side of the controller.

Pull out the damaged joystick, but be very careful because the stick is soldered into place. Lightly run the soldering iron above the metal pieces holding the stick in place. The heat from the soldering iron melts those pieces and lets you pull out the joystick.

Slide the new joystick into place, using the old holes as a guide. Hold the joystick in place with one hand as you turn it over with the other. Then solder the back to ensure that the joystick doesn't move or loosen once you put the case back on.

Attach the joystick cover, also known as the thumb-stick. This is just a small piece that adds more security to the joystick and keeps things from falling into your controller. Put the case back on, place the screws back onto the case and reattach the battery pack. Double-check to ensure the new joystick works before you put in your favourite game.


Several online stores sell new and used repair parts for the XBOX 360 controller, including VP Games and Gaming Generations. Most parts cost less than £6. If you need to use the soldering iron to remove the joystick, make sure that you don't drop the iron or hold it to close to the top. It's very easy to melt the inside of your right trigger and cause it to stop working or move slower than it originally did.

Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • New joystick
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