How to Make a Dollhouse Window Box

Dollhouses can create hours of endless entertainment for children or can be elegant pieces of craftsmanship for the adult hobbyist. Adding realistic details, such as window boxes, can give even the most ordinary miniature house that "wow!" factor.

Measure the bottom of the window where the box will be positioned. Make note of the general scale of the house. A real-life window box is usually about 8 inches deep and runs the length of the bottom of the window.

On a piece of paper, leaving plenty of working room around your sketch, draw the bottom rectangle of the window box. Working from each corner in turn, use a ruler to extend each edge line to a distance that will make the correct height for the outside walls of the window box, in keeping with the scale of the doll house. When you have finished this, each corner should have two lines extending from it, at 45 degree angles from each other.

Add a small tab allowance on the inside edge of one side of each pair of corner lines. Connect the tops of the extended lines using a straight edge. You should now have a flat pattern for a small, rectangular box.

Cut out the paper pattern. Crease along the fold lines, and hold them gently together to make sure your pattern will work. If it can be successfully assembled into a box, open it back up, smooth it out, and lay it on the tagboard. Trace around it, transferring the shape to the tagboard.

Cut out the box using scissors. Paint, color or apply implied texture to the outside. Use the point of the scissors to score along the inside of all the fold lines. Fold up the sides into the box shape, tucking the tabs inside the box. Use hot glue to glue the tabs down.

Run a line of hot glue around the inside edge of the box, and cover the bottom with glue. Loosely fill the box with a bit of moss. Quickly (hopefully before the glue dries) stick the stem ends of miniature flowers through the moss into the glue. Allow to dry.

Run a line of glue along the inside (house side) edge of the box, and stick it to the bottom edge of the dollhouse window.


Carefully follow manufacturer's directions for the hot glue gun. Hot glue can cause painful burns.

Things You'll Need

  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tagboard
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • decorative moss
  • small blossomed artificial or dried flowers
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