How to repair leather sofas with shoe polish

Leather sofas are expensive, so it's normal to want to repair scuffs or other damage as quickly as possible. Applying leather dyes can be expensive and time-consuming, but shoe polish provides another option. Applying a high-quality leather shoe polish directly to the scuff mark is an inexpensive repair alternative.

Wipe any dust or debris off the scuffed area of the sofa. You need a clean surface for applying the shoe polish.

Fold the second cloth and dip the corner into the wax shoe polish. Begin with only a small drop of polish, no bigger than a 5p coin. Get more polish when the cloth feels dry. The polish must match the colour of the sofa.

Rub the wax shoe polish into the scuff mark. Gently rub the scuff with the cloth to work the polish into the porous surface of the scratch. Allow the colour to soak into the scuff and then give it time to dry completely.

Mist a light coat of oil soap spray onto the surface of the leather. Wipe the spray off in a circular motion. If the leather has an obvious grain, wipe in the direction of the grain instead of using a circular motion.


Some brands of fine leather furniture come with a warranty that will be voided if any brand of cleaner or chemical, other than the company brand, is applied to the leather. Check your warranty information before applying shoe polish or any other cleaner to your sofa.

Things You'll Need

  • Wax shoe polish
  • Oil soap spray
  • 3 soft cloths
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