How to increase internet upload speed

Anyone who has used the Internet has experienced a slow connection. Be it cable, dial up or DSL, if you're on the Internet, you're going to experience bad connection rates. Slow upload speed can cause the normally docile computer owner to want to pull his hair out and throw the computer out the window. A slow upload speed can be due to a number of reasons. An out of date browser, add-ons and malicious software can all be causes for your slow upload speed. The best way to increase your upload speed is to increase your overall Internet speed.

Determine what speed your plan allows by checking with your Internet provider. The upload speed you are currently at may be the maximum speed available with your plan. If this is the case, upgrade your plan or switch providers.

Run your antivirus, adware and spyware programs. Starting a scan of your computer might find potentially harmful applications running in the background of your computer, which can greatly affect your Internet connection speed.

Perform a disk cleanup and disk defragmenter. Both can be found under your System Tools menu. It is generally a good idea to run both the disk cleanup and disk defragmenter every so often to increase your computer's overall performance.

Change your browser. Many people have an older version or a well known slower browser. Updating or switching browsers may just be the boost your upload speed needs.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs
  • Updated browser
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