How to Fill Out an Online Shipping Address Form

Although the products they carry may differ, all online merchants have one thing in common, they require you to go through a checkout process after selecting the items that you want to purchase. During this process you must fill out a shipping address form to make sure that your package is delivered to the correct location.

Enter your first and last name in the appropriately-labelled text boxes.

Type your complete address, including your city and zip code, into the labelled text boxes. Select your state from the drop-down menu.

Include a telephone number where you can be contacted. The shipper may need to contact you to arrange delivery or notify you of a problem with your order.

Look over the shipping address before you submit the form. Make sure your address is entered correctly or your package may be delayed or delivered to the wrong address.


Many online merchants will place an asterisk over the required fields in the shipping form. If you are receiving an error when you try to submit your order, make sure that you've filled out all the required fields.

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