How to get rid of blackhead holes

Updated February 21, 2017

Blackheads are dark spots that can appear on your face, neck and ears. The accumulation of dirt and grime has been absorbed underneath your skin. There are several ways to remove blackheads, but afterward, it is normal to have a hole in your face where the blackhead was. Pore strips, facial masks and blackhead extractors, which resemble skinny pens, effectively remove blackheads. After the blackhead is removed, you must realise that your skin is full of pores and the holes may not disappear on their own.

Remove the blackhead with desired method.

Put the ice inside of the paper towel.

Apply the ice, wrapped in a paper towel, immediately after removing the blackhead. The coldness will shrink the hole considerably. Leave on for 5 minutes or more.

Remove the ice cube.

Beat an egg with a hand mixer until completely foamy.

Apply the foam to your face and leave it on until dry.

Wash your face as usual with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.


Washing your face after removing blackheads is a good idea because it will remove residue that is left behind from the blackhead. If you have normal or dry skin, apply a light moisturiser that helps to prevent blackheads. If you have oily skin, give it a few minutes to rest before applying make-up. Applying make-up to open pores can cause more blackheads to form. Alternating the ice on and off your pores in 5 minute intervals will help the pore close more quickly. In order to reduce large pores and keep your skin in the natural elasticity range, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and take a vitamin C supplement.

Things You'll Need

  • Piece of ice
  • Paper towel
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