How to Take Out the Radio in an Audi TT

Updated March 23, 2017

The Audi TT roadster made its debut as a 1999 model. It received a major redesign for the 2007 model year. Despite the overhaul, the process of removing the radio is the same in all Audi TT models. This is because Audi uses the same radio set-up in its vehicles. These radios require a special key tool that greatly simplifies removal. It shouldn't require more than a few minutes of your time to take out the radio in an Audi TT.

Acquire Audi radio removal keys. Like several other German brands (such as Volkswagen and Porsche), Audi radios require special keys. Buy them at an Audi dealer or from an online retailer. If your TT radio is double-din, you'll need four keys; if it's single-din, you'll need only two keys.

Unhook the negative battery cable. The battery in the 3.2 model is in the boot; all others are under the hood. Use a pair of pliers to remove the nut from the negative battery terminal, then slide the cable off.

Insert the Audi radio keys fully into the corners of the radio. Grasp the radio and pull it straight out.

Press the two tabs on the sides of the Audi radio wiring harness; pull the harness from the rear of the radio.

Disconnect the antenna cable by pulling it straight out.


If you aren't sure whether your Audi TT radio is double-din or single-din, see Resource for a photo comparison.


If you don't disconnect the negative battery cable, you risk electrical shock.

Things You'll Need

  • Audi radio keys
  • Pliers
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