How to Start an Online Comic Store

Updated April 17, 2017

With the declining number of brick-and-mortar comic book stores, comic buyers are migrating to online vendors for their comic book purchases. If you already own a comic book store, or have the inventory to sell and the Diamond Comics Distributor account necessary to purchase new comics wholesale each week, then creating an online storefront will enable you to reach those online buyers. Instead of paying a web developer thousands to create your unique store, you can navigate your web browser to eBay and customise and stock your own storefront in a few hours.

Use your computer to navigate to eBay's front page, and then click on the "Stores" tab just below the header. It is best you set this up from a computer that has the store's inventory information on it, in order to make it easier to set up the store.

Click on the "Open a Store" link on the right side of the page, inside the box labelled "Stores."

Click on the "open a store now" link that will appear in roughly the centre of the page you navigated to after the last step.

Sign in to your eBay account.

Choose your subscription level. eBay charges a small fee each month, based on the level you choose at this time. Each choice has a short description underneath to let you know what you will get for your money. Assuming you are new to this, it might be best to go with the basic service, which you can upgrade later if the need or desire arises.

Name your store in the box provided below the area where you chose your subscription level. If you already have a brick-and-mortar comic shop, it is best to use that name in the name of your eBay store. For example, if you own John Doe Comics and More, you should name your eBay store, John Doe Comics. When done, click on "Continue."

Select your additional sales products by clicking on the box next to them. Do not feel the need to purchase these, as they are not essential to running the store. They do, however, make it easier to track and project sales of your inventory. If you opt out of purchasing these now, you can add them later on if you so choose. When done, click "Continue."

Read and accept the user agreement. Then tell eBay how you heard about their product. Click "Continue" when done.

Click on the "My eBay" tab in the upper right corner, then click on "Subscriptions" on the left side and select "Manage My Store."

Click on "Store Design" on the left side and then click on "Store Categories" to select the categories where you will be selling. Comic books are usually found under "Collectibles," then "Comics." You can customise the category further depending on the particular comic you list.

Go to the Basic Information bar and click on "Change" to edit your store name, add a logo, put a description in and add keywords so that search engines can lead buyers to your store. You can also choose your store theme and choose some gadgets, such as a store search feature, from here.

List your comic books and spread the word to your friends, family and any other potential customers.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • eBay account
  • Credit card attached to your eBay account
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