How to Identify Old Car Emblems

Updated November 21, 2016

Car emblems from the 30s, 40s and into the 50s are a part of the dynamic history of automobiles. Each car maker and sometimes even the model itself had a specific emblem. Distinguishing these markings from one another is helpful to collectors who treasure vehicles no longer in production or in limited release.

Search the emblem for lettering. The Anderson of Anderson Motor Co. is in basic white letters. The tail of the A is curved beneath Anderson and holds the words Motor Co. in silver. Note the slender emblem of the Fergus brand. A large brassy F is on the left side of the emblem with the letters e, r, g, u and s running horizontally beside the F.

Examine the vehicle markings for distinctive colours. Study the Biddle Motor Car logo on a shieldlike emblem. The name Biddle is in a downward diagonal with an orange coating above and below the golden letters. See how Mitchell is written in white cursive letters on a green oval. Examine the wing-like emblem of REO Motor Co., and find the hint of baby blue spreading in the centre of the wings.

Evaluate the old car emblem for designs or a specific style. Study the blue and white emblem of Haynes Automobile Co. and the silver centre with a picture of a bicycle. See the lightening bolts that surround the logo of the Owen Magnetic car emblem. See the silver figure of a man reaching into a sunburst design of the Holmes car emblem.

Note the overall shape of the emblem. See how the Pan America emblem is an eagle facing left, encased in two red circles. The eagle also holds a blue-striped flag with five silver stars on an upper blue banner. Study the Romer Motor Corp. emblem in a four-leaf clover design. The symmetrical clover, coated in blue, holds the lettering of Romer in standard white lettering.

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