How to Connect a Laptop to a TV with RGB

Updated February 21, 2017

Many television sets are equipped with three jacks for transmitting a video signal through component cables. Known as RGB video cables, the designation comes from the colours on the plugs: red, green and blue. Setting up a TV with RGB jacks to connect with a laptop requires an adaptor to convert the three separate signals into a Video Graphics Array plug. The VGA plug contains 15 pins in three rows to connect with the holes in the VGA jack.

Insert the red, green and blue plugs on one end of the component cables into the "Video In" jacks on the TV.

Connect the plugs on the other end to the matching colour jacks on the adaptor.

Plug in one end of the VGA cable to the adaptor and tighten the plug by turning the screw on each side clockwise.

Hook up the VGA plug on the other end to the VGA port on the edge of the laptop and tighten each screw on the plug.

Press the "Input" button on the TV remote control to access the jacks connecting the set to the laptop.


The VGA to RGB connection only transmits video to the TV, so use the laptop speakers for sound.


Unplug the TV from the electricity before hooking up video cables.

Things You'll Need

  • RGB component video cable
  • VGA to RGB adaptor, available at electronics and computer stores
  • VGA cable
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