How to get two telephone numbers (lines) on one cell phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Owning and keeping track of two cell phones can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. There is a solution available to eliminate your second cell phone but still maintain a separate number and voicemail. Many times, people have a need to keep their business and personal calls separate. Other times they may not want to give out their primary cell phone number to just anyone. Whatever the case, obtaining a second line for a cell phone can give you convenience and economy of owning and utilising one phone instead of two.

Visit a website, or call a service that provides second lines for cell phones. Some examples of these type of services are listed in the "Resources" section of this article.

Ensure that the service you are considering supports the kind of phone you have.

Enter or provide the required information to sign up for a second line on your existing cell phone. You will be asked for your current cell phone number and your e-mail address.

Choose or accept a new number for your second line. Some services offer you the option of choosing a number in a different area code than the one that corresponds with your current billing address. Some restrictions may apply.

Activate any necessary applications on your cell phone, if required by the service. Follow the instructions provided to you when you signed up for the second phone line.


Some services only support certain types of phones. Shop around to find a service that can provide you with the service you want for your existing phone.

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