How to Convert Text to Date in Access Query

Written by lysis | 13/05/2017

Microsoft Access is a database application that allows you to create tables and queries for your information. Access comes with several different internal functions. One function is a conversion tool. You can convert several different data types to an alternative. One option is converting text to a date. This is beneficial if you have a text that you want to automatically format and show to users on reports. Your queries can be edited using the designer.

Double-click the Microsoft Access file you want to edit. This opens the database along with the file you want to edit.

Click the "Queries" menu item in the opening screen. This opens a list of queries you have programmed into the database.

Right-click the query you want to edit and select "Design View." This opens a window where you can edit the Access query using a wizard.

Find the field you want to convert in the list of column names. In the field name, enclose the field with the "CDate()" function. For instance, if you have a text field named "my_date," enter "cdate([my_date])" into the field. The brackets indicate a column name in Access.

Save the query and close the Design Viewer. This brings you back to the main query menu. Double-click the query name. This runs the query and displays the results.

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