How to Format for Ascending Date in Excel

Updated June 02, 2017

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that lists information in rows and columns. Excel can be used to create reports with charts and formatted layouts. One options users have to layout information is data sorting. Data sorting is used on columns to order the rows either alphabetically or numerically. Microsoft Excel has a built-in function that orders rows. One way to order the rows is by ascending date.

Double-click the Excel file you want to sort. This automatically opens the file along with the Excel application.

Use the mouse to highlight all the cells you want to sort. You can also click the top of the columns to highlight all the cells in that particular column.

Click the "Data Sort" button on the main toolbar. This icon has an "A" and "Z" letter.

Select which column you want to sort. In the selection, choose "Ascending" and press the "OK" button.


You can choose a secondary column to sort the columns.


Ensure that you select all of the columns, or you may accidentally rearrange important data.

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