How to Merge Cells in Microsoft Works Spreadsheet

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Microsoft Works Spreadsheet is a basic spreadsheet program used to process and keep track of data. It's a stripped-down version of the more complex Microsoft Excel, offering the same basic options as the larger program. A spreadsheet is broken down into cells, units of data arranged in rows and columns. Cell merging is combining two cells together across the rows or columns. Microsoft Works Spreadsheet does not offer this option, though it does have a rough equivalent in text wrapping.

Select two or more cells for which you would like to combine data.

Right-click on the selected cells and choose the "Format" option.

Select the "Alignment" tab on the "Format Cells" pop-up box.

Check the box that is labelled "Wrap text within a cell." This will allow whatever data you enter into the cells to be treated as if the cells were merged.

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