How to apply for a postman job

Updated April 17, 2017

The United States Postal Service is the nation's second largest civilian employer, behind only Walmart. Nearly a million people work there either part- or full-time delivering the mail, helping people ship packages or sorting letters in a distribution centre. The Postal Service invites applicants to apply online using a paperless system that allows candidates to create a personal profile and apply for multiple jobs quickly.

Meeting the basic requirements, applicants to the United States Postal Service must be at least 18-years-old and must be U.S. citizens, lawful permanent resident aliens or citizens of a territory owing allegiance to the United States. They must be registered with the Selective Service System, if applicable, and have a sound command of written and spoken English.

Visit the Postal Service's website. Click on the "Careers" link. As of December 2009, this link was located at the bottom centre of the page.

Click on the link to establish an eCareer profile. This will enable you to apply online. As of December 2009, this link was on the right of the page, about halfway down.

Choose a user name, password and enter your e-mail address.

Complete the basic-information form. This includes your name, address and telephone number.

Complete the work-history form. Applicants must provide complete employment information, without gaps in time, for the past seven years.

Complete the educational history form. Enter any degrees you have earned and the names of the institutions from which you earned them.

Complete the general eligibility form. This form is to verify the basic job requirements. It also asks whether you receive federal retirement pay, whether you have ever received a contract from the Postal Service or work with a contractor who has, whether you use illegal drugs and whether or not you have family members who work for the Postal Service.

Complete the Veterans Preference form. This form inquires about your military service.

Complete the assessments form. This asks whether or not you have ever taken a Postal Service assessment.

Review your application and release the form.

To search for jobs, click the "Job Opportunities" link.

Enter your state of residence and the type of job you wish to obtain.

Select a job from the available options and click "Apply." Make sure you have pop-ups enabled on your browser.

Click through the application. Each step of the application form should already be filled out (this is why you created a Candidate Profile.) Write a cover letter if you like; this is an optional step after the Veterans Preference page.

Send the application.

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