How to insert pictures into a wordpad document

Creating flyers, newsletters, postcards, letters or other word processing documents is easy using Wordpad. Wordpad is included with every Windows operating system version. Inserting objects will allow you to activate the original by clicking on them, or you can copy pictures or text from other documents. Inserting pictures or other documents into Wordpad is not difficult. A familiarity with software can be helpful, but is not necessary. If you have never used a word processing or picture editing program you will still be able to insert a picture into a Wordpad document.

Open Wordpad by going to "Accessories" in your "Programs" folder from the "Start" button.

Open your picture editor or you may use Windows Paint also located in "Accessories." Open the picture or pictures you wish to insert into your Wordpad document.

Click on the picture, on the tool bar click "Edit" then click "Copy." Or use your mouse's right click to get the drop-down menu, then click "Copy."

Switch to your Wordpad document, click "Edit" on the tool bar menu, then click "Paste."

Repeat the steps for every picture you wish to insert into your Wordpad document.


You may wish to use the keyboard shortcuts and the drop-down menu from right clicking on your mouse. Once you have selected the picture, the keyboard shortcut for "Copy" is to click "ctrl" plus "c" key at the same time. To paste your picture use the keyboard shortcut "ctrl" plus "v" key again at the same time. To resize your pictures in Wordpad, click the picture, the move the cursor to one of the corners, you should see a small square, click that, while holding the mouse button, drag that corner into the centre of the picture until it is the size you desire, release. To move the picture down, click just at the right corner just outside of the picture, use the left arrow key to move your cursor to the other side of the picture, then press the "Enter" key a few times until the picture is where you want it. You can use the justification button to centre your picture or move it to the right of the document.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture editing program
  • Wordpad
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