How to line voile

Updated February 21, 2017

Delicate and sheer voile fabric can work very well for clothing, curtains and table linens; however, it can be too fine for some applications without a lining. Line voile to create apparel and home accessories that maintain the softness of voile fabric while still providing some body or creating a more opaque fabric. Choose the right lining and the proper construction methods for the best end result.

Choose a suitable lining fabric. Consider self lining with voile if you would like to retain sheerness, choose a sturdy cotton for a casual look, or a more delicate cotton batiste for a dressier option. Buy the same amount of lining and voile fabric for your project.

Prewash your cotton voile and lining fabric, if appropriate. Launder your fabric before sewing if you will be laundering the finished garment or home decorating item. Machine or hand wash your fabric as you prefer; however, keep in mind that you should plan to use the same laundering method for the finished item.

Press your voile fabric and voile lining before proceeding.

Look carefully at your pattern, particularly if it does not require a lining fabric. Choose a lining method based on the pattern; however, the easiest option is simply to cut one of each pattern piece in voile lining fabric and one in the cotton voile outer fabric. Stack the two and treat as one when sewing for bodices, table linens, and blouses. Treat the two fabrics separately, joining at the top or waist, for skirts, table skirts or draperies.

Sew according to the pattern directions. Press seams as you go for a good result, especially if you are working with voile and another fabric to line voile and sewing them as one.


Choose a pattern that calls for a lining to line voile easily, especially if you are new to working with fabric linings.


Avoid lining voile with synthetic fabrics to retain the crisp movement of the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Lining fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron and ironing board
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