How to disconnect a volvo car battery

Updated March 23, 2017

Volvo places its batteries in the boot. This improves weight distribution and handling. It also lengthens the life of battery by keeping it away from the heat of the engine.

A Volvo car battery needs to be disconnected before you charge it up. Or you may need to remove the battery. In either case, you need to follow certain steps to protect your Volvo's circuitry when disconnecting the battery.

Switch off the car ignition and remove the key from the ignition. Leaving the key in can affect the electronics when you disconnect the battery, because of the way Volvos are designed. So make sure to remove it.

Wait five minutes before attempting to disconnect the battery. This step not only protects your circuitry, but also allow the car's computer to store the electrical system's information.

Remove the cover over the battery.

Disconnect the negative cable first. This is the ground.

Disconnect the positive cable second.


Note: Turn the key into Position II before you reconnect the battery.

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