How to Download the Dell Resource CD

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dell Resource CD is a collection of utilities and drivers for restoring and troubleshooting a Dell computer. The CD is included with each new Dell computer system as part of the computer's set-up and information packet. The Dell Resource CD is a bootable disc that can start your Dell system in case of a crash or other problem. If you lose the CD, you can download a copy of the disc from the Dell website.

Open the Internet browser on your computer.

Type into the URL box at the top of the browser screen. Note there is no "www" in front of this URL address.

Press "Enter" or "Return."

Click "Save" or similar wording when the dialogue box containing "cdd_1281.iso" appears on your screen. This is the Dell Resource CD image file.

Select the directory where you want to save the CD file to. Select the "Desktop" to find the CD file quicker if you have trouble locating downloaded files on your system.

Click "OK," "Save" or similar wording to save the Dell Resource CD file.

Use a CD-burning program to transfer the "cdd_1281.iso" file to a CD.

The Dell Resource CD ISO file is an image of the original CD that came with your computer and cannot be used directly without processing it through a CD-burning program.

Store the Dell Resource CD in a safe place once the "cdd_1281.iso" file has been burnt to a CD.


Each CD-burning program is different, but the process is similar. Open the CD-burning program that is on your computer. Insert a blank CD into your CD burner. Select the "cdd_1281.iso" file. Click "Burn to CD" or similar wording. The CD burning program will then write the ISO file and complete the burning process. If any errors occur, insert a new CD and try the process again.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Internet browser
  • CD-burning program
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