How to turn a light fixture socket into an outlet

Sometimes it becomes necessary to temporarily modify a light fixture. You may need to plug something in to a power source but lack a traditional duplex outlet. If this is the situation you are confronting, you can convert a light socket into an electrical socket. The work can be done in minutes using simple, easily-found components. You will need no tools, and you can easily undo the work. Based upon the parts you purchase, you may even be able to continue to use the light and still have access to an outlet.

Turn off the power to the light fixture.

If required, mount the ladder or stool. Remove the light bulb from the lamp socket. Set it aside.

Screw in the socket adaptor.

Plug in the electrical device that requires power.

Restore power to the fixture.

If the device you want to plug in has a three-prong plug, then insert the 2-prong to 3-prong adaptor into the socket adaptor and then plug in the device. Then restore the power.

Things You'll Need

  • Step ladder or step stool (optional)
  • Screw-in light-socket adaptor
  • Screw-in light-socket adaptor with lamp holder (optional)
  • 2-prong to 3-prong adaptor (optional)
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