How to remove chafing marks

Updated April 17, 2017

Chafing marks are areas of uncomfortable, moist, red and blistered skin. Weight gain, often during pregnancy, can cause chafing. Weight gain makes the skin rub together between the breasts and inner thighs, causing friction. It may be possible to prevent chafing and alleviate painful chafing marks with these simple suggestions.

Apply talcum powder to chafe-prone areas to prevent and minimise chafing. Apply petroleum jelly before exercising to prevent overall friction during activity.

Apply a thin layer of zinc oxide, which is the white paste lifeguards wear on their noses, to easily chaffed areas to relieve symptoms.

Wrap the part of thighs that rub together with elastic bands. If you are exercising, wrap each upper thigh with bands for activity during exercise. Overweight people are prone to chaffed skin, especially in between the inner thighs, and wrapping the thighs can alleviate the chafing.

Do not wear pantyhose if you have continuous problems with chafing. Pantyhose do not allow the skin to breathe properly. Remedy pantyhose chafing by wearing knee-high or thigh-high hosiery instead.

Wear boxers rather than briefs. Boxers eliminate chafing at the waist, crotch and upper thighs if tight-fitting undergarments cause chafing.

Use over-the-counter Micatin, and mix with 1 per cent hydrocortisone cream. This treatment helps dry out skin and treat the irritated area. Skin folds often induce chafing due to constant moistness and friction when moving.


A good rule of thumb is to wash new clothes before wearing them to counteract chafing. If zinc oxide seems difficult to remove, apply a small amount of mineral or olive oil when removing.

Things You'll Need

  • Talcum powder
  • Zinc oxide
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Elastic bandages
  • Micatin
  • 1 per cent hydrocortisone cream
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