How to get rid of scar tissue from surgery

Updated March 23, 2017

Scar tissue appears on any body part that has been the target of a significant surgical incision. It is a natural part of the healing process, and is not always permanent. It can appear on skin or on internal organs. In the latter case, the scar tissue can impede function until it heals. Scar tissue can be reduced with plastic surgery, creams, massage and vitamin treatments but it can never be removed entirely.

Speak with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist about the possibility of scar removal. Removing scar tissue is more feasible on skin scars that result from surgery. Internal scar removal is a more dangerous and complex process. Techniques for surgical scar removal include dermabrasion, skin grafts and dermabrasion. These processes are most effective for treating major surgical scars, such as those left by open heart surgery. Consult with a professional about surgical scar removal while the scar is still forming to get the best results.

Explore non-surgical options for scar reduction offered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Chemical peels can improve the texture and appearance of scarred areas of the skin. This non-invasive process is over after a few hours and recovery only takes a few days.

Undergo a program of repeated massage and deep-tissue massage to reduce both internal and external scarring by directing blood flow to the affected area. Massage therapy breaks down the scar tissue by repeated application of pressure. The procedure can be painful, but it reduces scarring and pain caused by the scar in the long term. This method is most effective if utilised while the scar is still forming.

Use creams, scar treatment sheets and vitamin supplements with high levels of vitamin E to accelerate the scar healing process, but severe scarring will not be greatly affected by such treatments. These creams make the scar tissue softer and reduce inflammation, making them blend in with the surrounding skin better. Prescription creams such as Retin-A improve cell regeneration, accelerating the scar healing process.


Scar tissue from surgery can never be removed entirely, but using a multi-pronged approach, scar tissue can be greatly reduced. Scars do heal over long periods of time.

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