How to install chain basketball nets

Updated March 23, 2017

Chain basketball nets are most commonly used outdoors, although they are sometimes used indoors. A chain net attaches to the rim the same way a nylon net does; most chain nets require S-hooks to connect to the rim, however, some do not. If S-hooks are required, they should be in the same package as your net. If S-hooks aren't required, attach the net without them.

Position a stepladder underneath the goal. Move the goal to its lower position if it's adjustable. The rim should be around eye level; otherwise, your safety may be compromised.

Attach the S-hooks to the rim's inner hooks. Most basketball rims have 12 inner hooks. Once the S-hooks are attached, use a pair of pliers to crimp the S-hook to the rim's inner hooks; make sure they're secure.

Hang the chain net on the crimped S-hooks. Use the chain loops from the net's widest opening. Attach one loop at a time until the net is installed.


Be careful when handling the chain net; chain basketball nets get tangled easily.


Use caution when working on a stepladder; if you aren't comfortable with heights, ask someone to help you.

Things You'll Need

  • Stepladder
  • S-hooks (included with chain net)
  • Pliers
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