How to tighten loose teeth

Updated February 21, 2017

For an adult, discovering you have loose teeth can be both painful and discouraging. Whether your teeth are loose because of faulty dental work, an accident or the onset of gum diseases like gingivitis, there are things you can do to tighten loose teeth again. Regardless of the cause of your loose teeth, it is imperative that you treat the problem as quickly as possible to avoid losing your teeth permanently.

Change your toothpaste. Many of the commercial toothpaste brands make your breath smell great temporarily, but some of the ingredients are actually more harmful to your teeth and gums than natural alternatives. Natural brands containing tea tree oil, for example, can help fight gum infections that cause your teeth to loosen.

Avoid chewing hard food, ice and candy, especially with the loose teeth in your mouth. This may take some time to adjust to, but it is imperative that you avoid using those teeth as much as possible so that you don't loosen them further.

Get a professional cleaning. Your dentist has a variety of tools and treatments he can use to help fight gum diseases that may be loosening your teeth. Strengthening and healing your gums may help tighten your teeth.

Treat injuries immediately. If you are in an accident, or are injured while playing sports, you need to see your dentist right away to make sure that your teeth haven't been broken and no nerve damage has been suffered.

Have your dentist splint your loose teeth. Splinting is a procedure that connects teeth together, creating a support system that will prevent further loosening. This is a helpful alternative, but continued dental care, such as treating gum infection and disease, is imperative to keep the splinted teeth strong.

Brush carefully and regularly. When your teeth and gums are hurting, you may want to brush hard, but this will only increase pain and damage, often leading to bleeding gums or the wearing away of tooth enamel.

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