How to Make an Origami Paper T-Shirt

Updated April 17, 2017

Origami paper T-shirts have become one of the more common origami motifs to create. You can showcase art or graphics on your paper T-shirt by folding your paper with the art or graphic facing out. The key factors are starting out with the right size of rectangular-shaped paper and mastering the folding technique. This will ensure that your paper T-shirt has an elongated body, a collar and sleeves, just like a wearable T-shirt.

Cut 1 sheet of origami paper into a rectangle shape. For a basic shape, measure 6-inches in length by 3-inches in width. The paper's pattern design side will be facing out.

Fold the paper lengthwise in half and crease with your finger. Open the paper and make sure the fold line is visible. This will be your folding guideline.

Fold the bottom edge of the paper towards the centre fold guideline with the paper design facing out. Repeat with the opposite edge of the paper.

You will have a visible centre front opening. Flip the paper over and make sure the back view is flat, featuring your paper design.This is important in order to showcase your pattern on your T-shirt at the end of the project. Flip the paper back over so that you see the centre front opening.

Rotate the paper 90 degrees vertically. Fold one end 1/4-inch back towards the back view and crease.

Take the front right corner and fold paper on an angle towards (but not fully to) the centre front opening; the corner point should be almost touching the centre line. This will create a diagonal shape on the outer edge of your paper. Smooth the edge with your finger. Take the front left corner on the same end and repeat by folding on an angle towards the centre front opening.

Your paper should appear angled with a visible collar.

Take the opposite end of your paper and fold over approximately 1/3 towards the collar. Smooth crease sharply with your finger and open the fold. Make sure you can see a crease line at the centre opening. It is important in order to make your sleeves.

Take the right side of the paper at the crease line and gently fold paper outward. Repeat with the left side crease line and also fold outwards. The end of the paper will naturally fold up and over at the crease line made in the previous step so that the portions you folded outward now stick out from the sides of the paper. Smooth out the exposed angled flaps.

You will have two exposed angled sleeves.

Fold the sleeve-end of the paper up toward the collar. Crease the fold line and insert the sleeve end underneath the collar points.

You can reshape your collar by folding each collar point backwards. Tuck the points in to form a shaped round collar.(optional)


You can also make this project by using a dollar bill.

Things You'll Need

  • Origami paper-1 sheet
  • option: one dollar bill
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