How to naturally stop DHT from binding to hair follicles

One of the most common causes of hair loss in men is the overproduction of a metabolite called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) . DHT occurs when the hormone testosterone comes in contact with the enzymes of your scalp and skin. When this happens, incorrect signals are sent to your brain and the growth cycle of your hair is interrupted. DHT then binds to your hair follicles, causing hair loss. By employing all the methods below, you can effectively lower the production of DHT and prevent it from binding to your hair follicles.

Consume saw palmetto herb in tablet form. This herb includes potent flavonoids, fatty acids and plant sterols which stop DHT from forming and binding to hair follicles. It also allows more proteins to penetrate the hair follicles, which can result in thicker hair growth. The safe and recommended dosage of this herb is one 500 mg. tablet once daily.

Take one 500 mg. nettle leaf capsule every day. Aside from its healing traits, nettle leaf can reduce the formation of DHT while preventing its accumulation and binding in the hair follicles. Drink two glasses of water when taking this capsule since it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Drink one to two cups of green tea to help stop DHT from forming and binding to hair follicles. Green tea includes potent compounds such as flavonols and catechins which can reduce DHT production. You can also take green tea supplements along with your tea. The recommended dosage for this herb is two 500 mg. capsules one hour before meals for maximum benefit.

Add plenty of soybean products such as tofu and soymilk to your diet. Soybeans are rich in the organic compounds called isoflavones which can stop DHT production. Eat two to three servings of tofu every day.

Massage pumpkin seed oil into your scalp before going to bed every night. When applied liberally to your scalp, pumpkin seed oil can stop the production of DHT. Take a hot shower to help open the pores in your scalp, then massage the oil for 15 minutes and leave on overnight. Rinse well in the morning.


You can purchase all of the aforementioned items at your local health food store.


You should consult your physician before embarking on self-treatments for hair loss and other skin disorders.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw palmetto tablets
  • Nettle leaf capsules
  • Green tea
  • Tofu
  • Soy milk
  • Pumpkin seed oil
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