How to Inform Friends of Your New Email Address

Updated August 16, 2017

You might want to change your e-mail address but worry that your friends will lose contact with you in the process. Perhaps you have found a better e-mail provider, maybe you want to start keeping your business and personal e-mails separate or possibly your address has been overrun by spam. Fortunately, you can easily inform your friends about your new e-mail address by using a variety of methods that give you the best chance of staying in touch.

Transfer the contact list for your friends to your new e-mail account so that you can easily notify people that you are at a new address. Follow your old e-mail provider's specific method for transferring the contact data.

Send friends an e-mail from your new address and ask them to make a note of the "From" line so they can update their records. While creating your message, add your name in the "Subject" line so that people do not mistake your message for junk, and be sure to add all of your contacts in the blind carbon copy (BCC) field so that your friends' addresses are hidden and you protect their privacy.

Create an auto responder so that any messages sent to your old account automatically respond to the senders with a change of address message. Locate the "auto respond" feature in your old e-mail account and follow the provider's directions to enter a notice that tells people you are at a new address.

Set up a forwarding service to receive messages from friends that continue to send messages to your old e-mail. Look for a "forward" option in your old e-mail account and follow the provider's instructions for entering the new e-mail address that messages should be sent to. When you reply to your friends you can specify that you are responding to them from your new address and ask them to take note of it.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to your old e-mail account
  • New e-mail address
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