How to Potty Train a Jack Russell

Updated April 17, 2017

Jack Russell terrier traits include spunkiness and fearlessness. Always determined, these puppies can often give their owners a run for their money. You can potty train this smart breed easily---but only if your terrier decides he wants you to train him. The strength and consistency of your methods will result in a successful and rewarding potty training experience. Training should commence the moment you arrive home with your new terrier puppy.

Begin potty training your terrier puppy the moment you leave the car. Before you even enter your home, walk to the spot you plan to designate as his elimination area. Let him sit there until he goes.

Designate certain times for your puppy to go to the bathroom. Take him out when he wakes up and after he eats. Additionally, your puppy may have to relieve himself after he plays. In between these times, you will also need to take him out about every two hours. Establishing a routine will help your Jack Russell puppy potty train faster.

Praise your puppy when he eliminates outdoors in the desired area. Reward your Jack Russell by feeding him treats or giving him lots of affection. Jack Russell terriers love praise and will strive to receive it. The more you give, the more likely your puppy will work hard to become potty trained.

Gradually increase the amount of time between each potty break, as your puppy gets older. A 3-month-old can probably hold it for 3 hours, and your 4-month-old puppy can usually wait 4 hours. Add an hour for each month he gains in age. Any dog will find it difficult to hold it for more than 6 hours.


Consider crate training your Jack Russell terrier, to prevent accidents while you are asleep or away. Leave him in the crate during these times and let him go outside as soon as you let him out of it. Crate training has a high success rate and works on just about any dog. You will still need to get up during the night to let him out. You may also find it beneficial to hire a pet sitter to let out your Jack Russell terrier puppy during the day.

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