How to Develop the Lower Pecs

Written by julia derek
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How to Develop the Lower Pecs
Lift heavy weights to develop your lower pecs. (bodybuilder 12 image by Paul Moore from

The chest muscles, also known as the pectorals or pecs, are located at the front of your ribcage. They consist of the much larger pectoralis major and the small pectoralis minor. Pec major originates from the breast bone and attaches at the inside of your upper arm bone. Located underneath the pec major, pec minor runs between the top of your scapula and your middle ribs. Because the fibres of the pec major runs like a fan across the chest, you can work them from different angles and develop certain parts more than others.

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    Do decline presses. You can use the bench press, dumbbells or machines as long as you are in a declined position. You lie in a decline position when your legs and feet are higher up from the ground than your upper body. The higher up your legs are, the more declined your body is and the lower you can target your pecs.

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    Perform your decline presses like you would all regular presses, using controlled movements and good form. Regular presses are done on a flat bench. Because you must use heavy weights to develop the most muscle, try to always have someone spot you and help you with the last couple of repetitions. It is important that you reach muscle failure for each set that you perform. Do six to 12 repetitions of at least three sets.

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    Do decline dumbbell flyes. This exercise is performed exactly like regular dumbbells flyes, except that you will do them on a declined bench to target the lower pecs. The main difference between flyes and presses is that your palms are turned toward each other throughout the movement. When you lift the dumbbells up together, imagine hugging a thick tree trunk. Squeeze your pecs together for a one-count at the peak of the movement. Do six to 12 repetitions of at least three sets.

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    Do parallel-bar dips. Because this exercise also targets your triceps -- the muscles located at the back of your upper arms -- it is best to do them at the end of your workout session. Make sure that you hold the bars with your palms facing inward and your arms nearly straight. Lower your body by bending your elbows as far as you can comfortably. Slowly straighten your elbows until they are nearly straight again, keeping direct stress on the pecs throughout the set. Do six to 12 repetitions of at least three sets. Dangle weight from your waist with a rope or chain to add resistance once 12 repetitions has become too easy.

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