How to make cow-shaped cakes

Updated November 21, 2016

When you are throwing a farm party or a party for someone who likes animals, consider baking a cake that is shaped like a cow. Making a cow cake might seem difficult, but having a plan of attack before you get started will be a big help. Once you get the basic shape of the cow cake, cover it with black and white icing so that the shape is even more recognisable. This cake will resemble the front view of a cow, as if you were looking at it head on.

Carve your 175 mm (7 inch) round cake so that it looks like the cow's head. A cow's head is more long and rectangular than it is round, so use the serrated knife to achieve that look.

Place your 230 mm (9 inch) round cake on the centre of your cake platter. Cover the cake with white icing (frosting).

Place black icing (frosting) inside your pastry bag. Use it to create black spots on the cake so that it looks like the pattern on a dairy cow. This cake will serve as the cow's body.

Place the cow-head cake on top of the 230 mm (9 inch) cake. The head should be at the centre of the cake, toward the top.

Cover the top 2/3 of the cow head the same way you iced (frosted) the bottom cake. Use pink icing (frosting) for the bottom 1/3 of the head to create its snout.

Use the serrated knife to cut 2 smaller rectangles from 1 of the loaf cakes. These will serve as the cow's legs and hooves. Place each leg at the base of the bottom cake. Frost them so that they match the rest of the cake, but use only black icing (frosting) on the bottoms of the legs so that they look like hooves. If the legs are not flush with the sides of the bottom cake, use icing (frosting) to make it look like they are.

Carve ear shapes out of the second loaf cake using your serrated knife. Look at a picture of a cow if it helps, but the ears should be long and oval. Place the ears horizontally on either side of the cow's head. It's OK if the ends stick off of the base cake a bit. Cover the ears so that they match the rest of the cake.

Use your pastry bag filled with black icing (frosting) to create the cow's eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • 175 mm (7 inch) round cake
  • Serrated knife
  • 230 mm (9 inch) round cake
  • 2 loaf cakes
  • White icing (frosting)
  • Black icing (frosting)
  • Pink icing (frosting)
  • Pastry bag
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